Bridging the gap between digital assets and traditional payments.

Digital Asset to Fiat Conversion
Multi-currency Solutions
Cross - Border Payments

VIP OTC Desk Services

The Damex OTC Desk allows you to buy and sell digital assets with fiat or stable coins, and our 24/7 customer support provides VIP service. We offer the best stop rates thanks to multiple liquidity providers and exchanges

Get me a trader


We deliver a personalised service for digital assets investing where you can talk to your broker any time, getting the latest insights on digital assets trends and news when you need it.

Scott McKim
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Cross-Border Settlements

Through our fully regulated and compliant platform, clients can make payments and repatriate funds from challenging jurisdictions utilising Blockchain, Stable coin and our unique on-ramp network of local digital asset brokers around the globe.

Damex Direct

Damex Direct provides dedicated IBAN’s and digital assets wallets with instant settlements, audit trails and multi-user access in a regulated platform to businesses that need to easily manage their digital and fiat assets.

Custody Solutions

Damex is fully committed to delivering the highest level of security to our clients. We use multi-party computation technology as standard which safeguards digital assets whilst maintaining confidentiality. We can also provide clients with bespoke cold-storage and insurance solutions on various digital assets.

Years of experience, expertise & influence

We're a team of influential leaders experienced in revolutionising the digital asset market. Collectively offering a wealth of expertise within the Digital Asset, iGaming, and Payments spaces.

Sam Buxton

Co-Founder & CEO

Samuel Rondot

Managing Director Damex Business

Scott McKim

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Erwin Gerritsen

Chief Product Officer

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