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Ayden Vinales

Trading Assistant

A disciplined and dedicated individual with fire engineering and firefighter experiences at the
Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service and also the Bulawayo Fire Brigade and Rescue Services.
Studied at the University of Central Lancashire, completing a BSc (Hons) Fire and Leadership
Studies undergraduate degree with Second Class Honours. Technically proficient, offering
valuable experiences in a handful of different social media platforms, online trading platforms and
the DeFi market.

Taught Mathematics, English and physical education at Nawairuku Primary School in the Ra
Province of Fiji. This was an invaluable experience which has significantly contributed to his
personal development as a leader, improving his communication, adaptability and time
management skills.

Represented Gibraltar’s National Football Team at every youth level since Gibraltar joined UEFA
in 2013. This included three European championships, three development tournaments and one
Champions League Qualifier.

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